The Change of Shift Podcast: Where Nursing meets the Internet

Greetings everyone! Welcome to our corner of the internet. This is The Change of Shift, and we are your hosts Sean and Emily.

As actively practicing Nurse Practitioners we have garnered over 20 years of combined Nursing experience, including pre-hospital, orthopedic, emergency, critical care, travel and flight Nursing. During that tenure we have also been Nurse Bloggers for more than 10 years each.

During the decades of participating in social media and working hard to better ourselves as nurses, we realized the power of connecting. Now, with the nursing shortage compounding the challenges of being care providers, burnout and negativity are causing nurses to leave the profession in droves.

The goal of The Change of Shift is to put direct pressure on the wounds of our amazing profession to stop the hemorrhage. Through sharing who we are and our experience we will find a way to heal wounds and eventually prevent others from occurring. Is this an incredibly ambitious goal that is seemingly impossible? From initial assessment it is. The two of us know from experience that the best way to succeed at the bedside is not in isolation. We need a team to care for a patient, and just the same, we need to work together in order to heal ourselves.

The Change of Shift is the beginning of the conversation. Through podcasting, writing, and harnessing the power of multiple social media platforms we aim to create a safe, supportive, educational atmosphere which will inform and educate Nurses by discussing relevant and pressing topics.

We are shifting the paradigm. No more eating our young. We want your voice. You the nurse. Are you a patient? A physician? A paramedic? We need you to be part of our dialog and an integral part of the solution as well.

Welcome to The Change of Shift. We are thrilled that you are here.

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