#nursesunite Did ‘The View’ actually apologize? Do Not mess with Nurses

So, the hosts of The View made a vain attempt at a public apology concerning yesterday’s Faux Pas after they offended one of the largest professions in America.

Many of us were not impressed with their lackluster passive-aggressive backpedaling.

Collins quoted, “we adore nurses”… as if we were a cute puppy or soft plushy play toy. Although she did say, “Take my money”… we should take her up on that offer, don’t you think?

Simone actually questioned if Nurses were listening? “Did they hear the conversation” – yes.. we heard it loud and clear.

Behar actually admitted to “not paying attention” and then,  “was she in a costume, I didn’t know she was a nurse?” and finally admitted, “I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about” – something we all can finally agree on.

Of course Goldberg had to chime in with “you have to listen, you have to pay attention” – I’m pretty sure we were listening, were you?

Somehow that was defined as their apology. Yet, I don’t think I heard the words “I’m sorry”. Did anyone else? Because maybe I wasn’t listening, as the hosts so poignantly pointed out.

It seems the apology has not squelched the fire raging on the internet. We not only were made fun of, but then you followed up by flippantly telling us that we’re adorable.

Does any other nurse feel the need to wipe the egg off their face?

In our podcast last night The Change of Shift Podcast | Ep. 2: #NursesUnite | Nurses Belittled by “The View” I spoke about using this publicity as leverage. To bring attention to our profession and take this opportunity to enlighten the public.

I also paused when our guest last night suggested that this might be that one time everyone sees the ‘dark side’ of nursing. That we let out our war  cry.


I’m almost there. I’m trying very hard to maintain professionalism and poise, when Hollywood seems to keep getting it wrong.

My personal note to ‘The View’:

So. The ‘stethoscope incident’ has feverishly ignited a fire in the belly of the beast…..  Somehow you have managed to offend the most trusted profession in the United States, all while maintaining you did nothing wrong.

We are high-functioning multi-taskers, independent critical-thinkers, and compassionate clinicians that earn a living saving lives on a daily basis. It amazes me how much people don’t truly ‘know’ us until they need us. Everyone eventually will need a Nurse. Don’t you forget that.

At some point we need to say enough is enough.

If a nurse had foolishly performed their duties in the same sophomoric, ignorant and careless manner the way you lacked preparation for Miss Colorado’s monologue commentary…..

People would die.

Nursing is a talent, and Nursing is MY talent because NOT everyone can do this job.

It takes a unique and special skill set to resuscitate a life, stop a medication error from causing harm, help a patient bathe, tend to wounds, wash their hair, help them feed themselves, titrate medication drips that can stop a heart, control invasive equipment that monitors physiologic responses from inside the body, smile at a confused patient and help them return to a safe position for the 10th time, clean the blood off my scrubs, scoop up the body fluid off my shoes and  wipe the sweat off my brow so that I can endure the next 2 hours of my 12-hours shift before I have to do it all over again. A 12-hour shift where I stay on my feet all day without eating or peeing and being subjected to high care ratios and inadequate staff support. Yet, I report to work everyday because this talent I have is a calling. It’s a calling and it’s a lifestyle.

Yes. I am very proud of my talent. Thank you.


Let’s end this rant post with some random shares from around the internet. Here’s a little media vomit for your viewing pleasure:

Our friend Dr. Mike Sevilla, MD shared our blog post and podcast: #NursesUnite Responds to “The View” On Social Media




And finally…. the best comment of the day concerning this entire debacle:

2015-09-16 18.23.12

Maybe it’s time we take the gloves off… and let our knuckles bleed a bit?

2015-09-15 14.59.09

2 thoughts on “#nursesunite Did ‘The View’ actually apologize? Do Not mess with Nurses

  1. Those on The View might have gotten away with disrespecting and talking about others in such demeaning ways before. But, there have never taken on almost 3 million professional nurses who are very proud of the jobs they do. I believe we can take them!


    1. I think the hosts have been slow to understand that you do not mess with Nurses. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our voices to be heard. Thanks for leaving a comment!


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