What it takes to be a #nurse #nursesunite |The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 4

Discussing the alphabet soup of credentials
What are all those letters after a Nurse’s name?

Our five minutes of fame are up. The ‘Stethoscope Incident‘ has run its course my friends. Just in case you’ve already forgotten, last week on the TV show The View:

Joy Behar, a co-host on “The View” asked why Miss Colorado (Kelley Johnson) was wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope” during her monologue presented during the talent portion of the Miss America Pageant.  This was compounded by co-host Michelle Collins who mocked Johnson’s presentation about being a nurse stating,”…She came in in a nurse’s uniform, and basically read her emails out loud.”

We here at The Change of Shift are done talking about this. Our knee-jerk reflex and shock response of lashing out and screaming ‘foul’ is over.

Apologies have been made, twice in fact. There was a lot of hear-say as to how genuine the apologies were, with rumors of more negative comments back stage, but the truth of the matter is they did they right thing. They reached out to the professionals, they recognized their error and they say, “I’m sorry”. It’s time to move on.

Let’s utilize our five minutes fame productively and proactively. Let’s capitalize on the publicity and notoriety that we have received. The public is listening to our profession, so lets talk about the things that matter to us!

Episode 4 Recap : What it takes to be a #nurse

We are utilizing our five minute of fame, but would be remiss if we didn’t mention what “The View” got wrong.

-What DIDN’T “The View” do for our profession?

  • They didn’t explain our profession properly.
  • They didn’t talk about what it takes to be a nurse
  • They didn’t mention how we spend more time at the  bedside than the physician.
  • They didn’t explain the collaborative relationship we have with our physician partners. And that we keep each other accountable.
  • They didn’t mention our professional struggle of being recognized by other professions as well as within our own.
  • The contribution NP’s are making thanks in part to the Affordable Healthcare Act, and how independent practice is a very big deal (just ask the rural communities)

-We went into great detail the cumbersome and very confusing credentialing alphabet soup that our profession unfortunately possesses. We discussed Licensure versus Certification and how State Practice Acts affect how every Nurse functions and performs their duties. And emphasized that this confuses all nurses across the spectrum and that if it confuses the very professionals holding these titles, just imagine how the public feels.

-We briefly mentioned our passions and initiative that we will be supporting throughout our online presence. Including Vaccinations, adequate Mental Health Services, Planned Parenthood and of course full independent practice of NPs.

So, what DID “The View” do for our profession?

  • Admitted  on the air about not understanding what nursing was all about.
  • Provided proof that our profession can influence perception, evidenced by “The View” losing numerous advertising support from multiple products
  • It got the public’s attention on what nursing IS and why we deserve to be considered professionals.

We as a profession can thank the “The View” for their social media faux pas. They, like the majority of the public did not understand the professional side of nursing, so let’s educate them.

They gave us a seat on the large stage, let’s capitalize the spot in the limelight and use it for good.

Let’s show the world what we as Nurses have known for decades. We are the linchpin of health care. We impact lives. Sooner or later, at some point in your lifetime you will need us.

My co-host and I would also like to thank “The View” for their gift to our project and new website. In one week’s time we have garnered quite the bit of attention, the kind of attention that would have not existed had the ‘Stethoscope Incident’ never happened.

So we thank you.

[Update: our Podcast should be live on iTunes within the next 7-10 days]

And remember.. always check your own pulse first.


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