Nursing conference recap and FAQs |The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 15

2015-11-01 10.23.49

Recently I spent almost a week in Las Vegas attending my first official Nursing conference. I thought it only appropriate to have a Podcast episode sharing my experiences as well as pose some general questions regarding your garden-variety Nursing conference.

I’m no stranger to ‘Vegas. I was there exactly 10 years ago… and well… it hasn’t change much. It’s still BIG.

Here are the highlights of Episode 15:
Vegas Recap:

My thoughts on conferences

  • Keep the coffee flowing
  • Keep things moving
  • Keep me engaged
  • Keep me informed : problems / cancellations
  • Keep me coming back : why would I come back?

Nursing conference General FAQs

  • Are all conferences the same?
  • Did I just pay for that?
  • Mandatory mixer
  • Business card drop-off
  • Utilize social media

Overall it was a great experience and I learned a lot of valuable information. I’m looking forward to my next professional conference. As always thanks for tuning in and listening.

Don’t forget to download our Podcast:

Until next time, remember to always check your own pulse first!



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