4 ways nurses can over come the Impostor Syndrome | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep19

grad-school-impostorWhat is the Impostor Syndrome? (thank you Wikipedia)

“…Term coined in the 1970s by psychologists and researchers describe people who are unable to internalize their accomplishments.
Despite external evidence of their competence, those exhibiting the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved…
Notably, impostor syndrome is particularly common among high-achieving women, although some studies indicate that both genders may be affected in equal numbers.”
I don’t know about you… but that sound A LOT like some Nurses I know. Heck, it sounds like EVERY Nurse who has ever walked the walk! We all started our careers suffering from The Impostor Syndrome. I thought it only appropriate to chat a bit about it and give you some actionable tips on how to beat it.
First of all it’s OK. You’re not alone. And secondly, you’re apparently smarter than you think you are! Here are my 4 tips to help get you past those feelings:
Tips to overcome Impostor Syndrome:
  1. Fake it till you make it. just keep trying, we all started scared.
  2. Focus on what you bring to the table, not what you don’t know
  3. Own your success. you earned your place here. not everyone can do this job
  4. Lay it all out on the table.  being wrong doesn’t make you a fake, or any less qualified. It simply makes you a learner.

Links of interest:

Changing things up this week, and just recording pure audio with this episode.

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