5 tips for Nurses dating a co-worker | The Change of Shift Podcast Recap Ep 20

Does cupid have a place at work? I thought I’d tackle the touchy subject of dating your co-worker.
DISCLAIMER: I’m married to a Nurse. I have been happily married to my wife 10 years. We met in nursing school, dated and then were married 4 months after graduation.
Dating a Nurse is awesome:
They get it
  • No need to have a reference book for my conversations
  • They get HIPAA
  • Dating yourself
    • They share all of the same tendencies you possess!
    • You have a lot of them
    • Can’t ‘pull one over’ on them
      • Been through same trenches
    • Co-worker are unlike anyone else
      • Good and bad
      • Your click.. and your mortal enemy
  • No time away from each other
    • You can over do it
  • Career risk: make or break your career by your coworkers
    • Worse case: blow up in your face
      • Are they worth the comforts of work?
      • You may end of  hating each other
      • Vindictive
      • Work becomes awkward
      • Fig out how to work together without knocking each other out?
  • What’s the coffee situation?
    • You either both drink it or you both don’t. Can’t be different.
    • That just invites all sorts of havoc
  • Dance for a while
    • Maybe its just lust?
    • You DO spend a lot of time with your coworkers
  • Establish the ground rules: does someone have a leadership role?
    • Work schedules?
    • Preferential treatment is a NO NO
    • Fraternization policy?
  • Separate work from play: no PDA
    • No pet names used in the workplace, please
    • Keep your hands to yourself
    • Small pecks on the lip/cheek can be acceptable
    • Stay respectful and professional
  • Do not bring work home
    • If You do – create rules
  • Maintain relationships outside of your work circle
    • Do not make your life all about them
    • Do not make your life all about nursing
Here are some humorous posts from the Internet:
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2 thoughts on “5 tips for Nurses dating a co-worker | The Change of Shift Podcast Recap Ep 20

  1. Great topic. I also met my wife at work. We really didn’t work together when we started dating. We did start working together though after the relationship was established and continued after we were married up to this very day (coming up on anniversary #23 in a few weeks)

    I just might have to make a video about it in response to this.


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