Can you handle that first year as a Nurse? | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep 22

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How challenging is that first year as a Nurse? Is it so hard that Nurses want to quit? Dread going to work? Do Nurses need to “take medications” to just make it through a shift???

These questions were drawn from an article that I read: I fear for the future of Nursing that discussed the challenges new Nurses face.

How hard is that first year?
  • Is there still a sink or swim attitude
  • Are new nurses stating they can’t handle it and looking to get out
  • Is our profession challenging.. are the patients are getting sicker?
Large leap from student to graduate and licensed professional
  • Do we shelter our students?
  • Should we allow them to fail?
It’s OK and actually expected that you will make a mistake
  •      Should be no fear of repercussions
  •      Is there a culture of blame and punishment?
Is there a lack of resources?
  • Do we have a support system?
  • How about severe mental illness? Are nurses depressed just because of their  chosen profession?
I close out the episode with some suggestions that can help you in that first year.
5 tips to not only survive, but thrive during that first year as a Nurse:
  1. Be prepared for the hard. Expect the unexpected.
  2. Grow a thick set of skin by advocating for your patient and yourself.
  3. Ask questions. All the time every time. Do not get cocky.
  4. Talk to someone. Every day or every shift.
  5. Learn to say no


Any topic suggestions?

As always thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to download the Podcast:

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