Interview with Cody Sliger on the challenge of being charge Nurse | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep25


I interviewed Cody Sliger, BSN, RN, CEN. He resides in Odessa, Texas  where he works as an Emergency Room charge nurse and a Per Diem Pediatric Nurse.

In just over two years as a Registered Nurse he’s attained his Trauma and Emergency Nurse certifications and is currently working as a charge Nurse. He recently submitted his application to attend the AG-ACNP MSN program at a local college.  I invited Cody to talk with us about the challenges of being a newly-minted Emergency Room charge nurse.

Cody  was recently promoted to charge Nurse. He contacted me months ago about some of the challenges he was facing, including feeling overwhelmed and developing confidence in his new role.

Cody shares his experiences and gives some tips to nurses who may be given the same opportunities and follow a similar path of embarking on a supervisory role as a newer nurse.Some of the topics we covered:

  • What do you want our listeners to know about you?
  • Why Nursing? Why did you become a Nurse?
  • Do you remember your first day as a nurse?
  • You just started working in a supervisor position, as Charge Nurse. Tell us about that.
  • What do you find most challenging about your new role? What do you find the most gratifying (enjoyable)?
  • What do you want other nurses who are embarking on this same role to know?

Cody talked with us after his shift at work and had some connection issues at the very end of the show.

He’s a very focused, goal-oriented and team-conscious Nurse who will no doubt continue to succeed in anything he sets his sights on.

I want to thank Cody for taking the time to share his story as well as provide tips and insight for (newer ) nurses interested in taking on a supervisory role for the first time.

As always thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to download the Podcast:

cropped-Change_of_ShiftNEW11.jpgUntil next time, remember to CHECK YOUR OWN PULSE FIRST!

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