Nursing professional development & FOANed -interview with Clin Nurse Educ. Wes | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep 27

Change of Shift-NEW11 copyWhat is professional development, and why should any Nurse care about it?

Learning opportunities to augment your current and future skill practice. A way of maintaining your highest level of practice competency to provide optimum care to your patients.

I interview Wes. He’s a Clinical Nurse Educator of Emergency Services in a busy inner city Emergency Department. He’s been a nurse just over two and half years. Wes approached me on Twitter wanting to share his passion for education.

Wes graduated with his BSN in Spring of 2013 and will start Nurse Anesthesia school in August 2016. Oh, and he just became a father recently, him and his wife are celebrating the birth of their first child!
You can find Wes on Twitter where he claims Electrocardiography and Airway Management are cool.

Here are some of his interview questions:

  1. Your favorite part of Nursing? Least favorite part?
  2. You’re a Clinical Nurse Educator in the ED (after only 2.5yrs in the profession). Tell us about that.
  3. Where did the passion for education come from?
  4. What do you find most challenging in your role?
  5. What do you find the most gratifying (enjoyable)?
  6. Why should other Nurses care about Education? Continuing Education? I mean we graduated and have our license. Isn’t that enough?
  7. FOAMed I’ve heard of and is a little more known (at least 2 years). But FOANed?
  8. What advice do you have for new Nurses?

Wes was kind enough to mention a couple Emergency Medicine professionals during our interview that have influenced him, here they are:

Check out their profiles for all their information. They also have podcasts if you’re interested!
As always thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to download the Podcast:

cropped-Change_of_ShiftNEW11.jpgUntil next time, remember to CHECK YOUR OWN PULSE FIRST!