Eating habits of Nurses working the NOC shift?  | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep 30

2016-02-24_1054I was contacted by a fellow Nurse via Twitter a while back. She had some questions and concerns about good eating habits. She works shifts as well as a lot of NOC shifts, and she tends to either eat the wrong food, not eat at all or graze all day.

I flip between nights and days. One day I’m eating dinner at 2am and the next day I’m off work and eating at 5pm.

I need to figure out a way to keep a better set diet for work days and off days.

Info about current guest

Samantha Shaw has been an LVN (LPN) working (mostly) in L&D since 2009. She’s traveled and relocated several times and currently works as a contracted civilian “baby Nurse” for the Air Force attending deliveries and initiating NRP on newborns.

She returned to school in 2010 working on college courses to advance her career and attain her RN license. She’s hit a few bumps along the way with traveling, credits not transferring and tuition challenges, but hopes to sit for the TEAS entrance exam within the next 18 months!

You can find Sam on various social media sites:

Here are a few of the Interview Questions and topics we discussed. I dive into Sam’s specific nutrition needs as well as comment on some general suggestions for everyone working the NOC shift.



  1. What do you want our listeners to know about you?
  2. Why Nursing? Why did you become a Nurse?
  3. Your favorite part of Nursing? Least favorite part?
  4. You work in L&D? Tells about that? As an LPN?
  5. Why RN? Goal of entering RN
  6. What do you find most challenging about eating?
  7. What’s a typical day of eating at work? Typical day of eating at home?


Eating habit topics and areas of concern

  • Home situation
    • Noise level
  • Work schedule
    • 8 hr
    • 12 hr
    • Rotating hr
  • Sleep? Caffeine?
    • When are you the most tired?
    • When are you the most awake?
    • Naps? – at work & out of work
  • Exercise
    • Is it a habit yet?
    • Best time – before or after work?
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat low glycemic index foods overnight
    • low complex carbs, simple sugars, light weight food
  • Snacks
  • Pre-plan meals/food/snacks -> Prep day


This was a great conversation concerning healthy eating and healthy eating habits for the shift worker. The challenge is creating a habit that your body will accept and understand. At the end of this ‘interview’ Samantha figured out that her eating habits at work were not her problem.

Take a listen to what I suggested!
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