10 time management tips for Nurses while on shift | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep 33

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Time management skills are essential to our practice. It’s what keeps us from ‘drowning’ while at work. You can always tell which Nurses have this skill mastered, and which Nurses struggle.

It’s a skill that can alleviate a great deal of stress in your everyday life as well as ensure you’re in this for the ‘long game’.

Here are 10 tips I think will help you not only keep your head above water, but might even help you a stronger swimmer.

  1. Accept you will start your day behind the 8 ball
  2. Write everything down. I mean everything
  3. Wear a watch with a timer or a ‘second’ hand
  4. Brain sheets / cheat sheets / report sheets / colored pens & pencils / map out time slots
  5. Utilize mobile devices
  6. Expect the unexpected
  7. Cluster your care – anticipate
  8. Ask for feedback
  9. Do not try and do it all – Nursing is a 24hr job
  10. Break it down into smaller pieces


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