Some of us work on the holidays | The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 18

The holidays are upon us. But not everyone gets time off from their job for the holidays. The hospital doesn't shut down for holiday hours, illness doesn't have a 'holiday special'. I thought we'd chat a bit about the holidays in the world of Health Care and service. Here are the highlights from the episode:... Continue Reading →

Nurse blogger MightyNurseMegan Interview | The Change of Shift Podcast Ep 17

Megan is a senior Nursing student and a current certified Nursing Assistant. She graduates from her Baccalaureate program in  May 2016! Megan runs a personal blog titled Might Nurse Megan where she documents her journey finishing nursing school. She’s interested in passing on the knowledge she gains to the next generation of nursing students. She... Continue Reading →

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