We made iTunes ‘New & Noteworthy’!!!

5 weeks after starting this Podcast, we made it onto the iTunes New & Noteworthy! Thank you to everyone who has tuned in, downloaded and listened to our Podcast. We’re still in our infancy, so I hope you’ll stick around. If you’ve heard our Podcast, and like what you’ve heard would you mind telling someone?... Continue Reading →

Why the name: The Change of Shift?

What is The Change of Shift? Why The Change of Shift? Why not have a name with the word ‘Nurse’ or ‘Nursing’? The Change Of Shift is an all encompassing concept for the profession of nursing. Where we address our professional as well as personal challenges with each other. For those unfamiliar with the change of shift, it’s exactly... Continue Reading →

Can patient advocacy be abused? #nurse #asktheNP |The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 10

This was another ad lib spontaneous extra episode. I have a tendency to have ADOBSO, sorry gang (hat tip to my co-host for the acronym). These spontaneous mini-Podcasts will always be shorter. I posted another one of my #asktheNP updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamunafraid/status/651832083531350016 It garnered quite the interest with a little bit of controversy. Through... Continue Reading →

International Podcast Day #podcastday |The Change of Shift Podcast recap Ep 8

The Change of Shift Podcast Episode 8! Wholly cow, 8 episodes already? This was an ad lib extra. September 30th was International Podcast Day according to this source: http://internationalpodcastday.com/ And our favorite podcasting platform was conducting a 36hr long blab/podcast with hosts from all over the world! http://internationalpodcastday.com/events/action~agenda/time_limit~1443510000/request_format~html/ So of course The Change of Shift... Continue Reading →

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